• Sustainable Colorado Honey

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Whether you enjoy your honey in coffee, tea, or charcuterie the bees made some just for you.

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Honeybee Forage in Boulder

This map of the greater Boulder area shows the  locations where each bit of honey produced by our bees originates.  Boulder Valley Honey never imports or resells honey - each drop is gathered as nectar right here in Boulder, Colorado. 

Honeybees forage as far as five miles from their hives, but with ample forage near their apiaries the foraging worker bees don't typically venture further than a few miles.  To this end each stand of beehives captures a unique snapshot of the flora from its respective area, which can vary in flavor, color, and consistency.

When harvesting, Boulder Valley Honey carefully separates each frame of honey from hives within these special forage areas before extracting and bottling.

Boulder Valley Honey